Description: BABA MT-3003 MICROGREEN BOX
Size: L315 x W240 x H85mm
Clean water cultivation, 7 days harvest

Superfood with high nutrient
When the seeds germinate , the enzymes within the cells are activated .
These enzymes assist the breaking down of starch, protein and fats into glucose and amino acids, which the assist the sprout in growing their roots, buds, stems and leaves
When we consume these fresh sprouts , we will absorb their rich and active enzymes .

Instruction for serving
Enzymes are normally destroyed at temperature from 55°c onwards. Hence , it is recommended that the sprouts be taken raw or lightly boiled .

Steps for cultivation
Fill the pot with 3 to 4 cm of water, allowing the surface to touch the cultivation net . (use either filtered or cooled boiled water . Tap water is not recommended ) Spread the seeds evenly over the cultivation net and change the water once every 3 days. Vegetables are ready for serving in 1 to 2 weeks . Repeat the processes above for your next batch

It is recommended to use good quality seeds with high germinate that have not been genetically modified
During the initial budding stage, there will be signs of white filaments , which function to assist in the transportation of water and minerals to the roots, stems and leaves. These are not mildew .

Baba Microgreen Box