Model:SP-2511 2.1 Channel Multi-media Sound System

🎊 Maximum 1200w peak music power output


▪️Universal serial bus USB port available
▪️Secure digital SD lot available
▪️Additional infrared sensor remote controller
▪️Digital FM radio tuner
▪️Multi function and multi purpose
▪️5 bass subwoofer & duo 3 satellite speakers
▪️Superior stereo sound and sensational realistic audio experience
▪️Futuristic modern casing design with matte surface
▪️Fully digital control panel with LED light display
▪️Allowed to plug in USB thumb drive or SD memory card
▪️Enable distance control by infrared sensor remote controller
▪️FM radio receiver and antenna with automatic channel memory system
▪️Connect to PC/TV/DVD player/smart phone by using RCA cable

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