MODEL: WD-203/FD-201


▪️Black color(Cold water & hot water)
▪️Internal heater maintain hot water temperature up to 90 degree celsius
▪️Internal heater produce 5 liter hot water in every single hour
▪️Internal cooler maintain cold water temperature down to 10 degree celsius
▪️Internal cooler produce 0.8 liter cold water in every single hour
▪️Either 5 gallon water jug or water purifier can be select to load in water dispenser
▪️Duo water tap output water red water tap:hot water blue water tap:cold/normal water
▪️Heating power 550W
▪️Cooling power 70W
▪️Voltage 220~240V/60Hz
▪️Size 280x280x380mm

Model:FD201 Water Filter


▪️Manualy refill water
▪️Multi-layers of filtration
▪️Water purify & enhancement


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