1. ITEM CODE: 1021A (1510)

DIMENSIONS: 7.2CM x Height 10.7CM

Capacity 280ml

2.  ITEM CODE: 1022A

DIMENSIONS: 7,9 cm *H 11,5 cm
Capacity: 360 ml – 12 5/8 oz

Full capacity Material Fully physically tempered glass
What is full physically tempered glass?
Soda glass is heat-strengthened and impact-strengthened on the entire surface.
(* It is a glass product called TEMPERED GLASS all over the world.)

What is the secret of strength?
It is in the manufacturing process. It is similar to the process of making steel, but
by cooling the glass molded at high temperature from 700 ° C to 20 ° C at once,
a hard protective film like a walnut shell is formed on the surface. This process creates strength as a full-scale physical strengthening. It has about 2.5 times the impact strength of ordinary glass products.In addition, the heat-resistant temperature difference of glass is usually about 60 ° C, but it can withstand a temperature difference of about 120 ° C.


280ML 1021A, 360ML 1022A

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