Product Description: Aphid Buster Concentrate
Content: 1L
Effectively prevents and reduces aphid infestation

Mode of Action : Acts on insect pest central nervous system causing breath inhibition and motion imbalance. Curative and preventative.

Active Ingredient(s) : Faboideae Plant Alkaloid

Application Methods : Spray on foliar and branches for extensive prevention. Do not apply during hot weather. Spray the mixture within 8 hours. For better efficacy, it is recommended to spray 3 times & above continuously within every 7 to 10 days

General Usage Instruction :
Situation – For Every Litter of Water

Early Preventative > 1ml – 1.25ml Aphid Buster Concentrate (2.8 – 3.5ppm)

Serious Outbreak > 1.25ml – 2ml Aphid Buster Concentrate (2.5 – 5.6ppm)

*Do not mix with alkaline material, such as soap-based pesticide/adjuvant, calcium-magnesium-boron foliar fertilizer, powdery chemical fungicide etc

Precaution : Store at a cool place

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