Product Description: Mr Ganick BST Bacillus Subtilis Trichoderma (600g)

Mr Ganick BST Bacillus Subtilis Trichoderma that helps your plants to prevent diseases while promoting plant growth. It contains mainly microbes and PGPR (Natural Plant Growth Promoting Regulator).
✔ To aid disease prevention and promote crop health via regular application
✔ Helps prevent mildew & fruit rot and stem rot
✔ Soil application can promote growth of new root hairs, to increase nutrient adsorption and improve yield
✔ Pollutant-free & non-toxic
✔ Suitable for organic farming
✔ Can be mixed with conventional pesticides or apply alternatively to reduce reliance on chemical fungicides and labour

✔Activated strains of Bacillus Subtilis & Trichoderma spp. – 90%
✔Natural PGPR (Natural Plant Growth Promoting Regulator) – 10%

Vegetables, flowers, fruit trees (regular maintenance or early disease stage)
✔ Add 10g to 10 liter of water
✔ Mix well and apply
✔ Apply once every one or two weeks
✔ Foliage and soil application is recommended
✔ Can be mixed with chemical fertilizers & pesticides

STORAGE Store under shaded area.

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