Product Description:

For hassle-free cooking, TEFAL DAY BY DAY delivers perfect solutions for everyday cooking needs. This all hobs + induction range combines advanced features with a family-size serving capacity, for delicious meals made easy. The new Thermo-signal system is your secret weapon for the ideal temperature to start cooking, producing impeccable results with total ease. The interior and exterior easy-cleaning coating provides longer extra glide. DAY BY DAY strikes the perfect balance of hassle-free cooking and performance.


– Material : Aluminum

– Cooking Hob : Gas/Electric/Ceramic/Halogen/Induction

– Thermo-Signal : Yes

– Inside Coating : Titanium

– Inside Coating : Non-stick

– Outside Coating : Non-stick

– Pouring Edge : No

– Bottom : Induction base

Day by Day 4pcs Set :

18cm/2.2L Saucepan x 1

18cm Lid x 1

24cm Frypan x 1

Spatula x 1

Tefal Day by Day Non Stick Coo...